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Induction Ceremony Held at the Quincy Sons of Italy
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving
(updated NOVEMBER 26, 2003)
To search the list of Hall of Famers, click on the first letter of their last name.

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Austin, Dave Inducted 1995 ('??)(F)

Austin, Steve Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)

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Balducci, Ken Inducted 1987 ('??)(F)

Balducci, Noel Inducted 1989 ('??)(F)

Beston, Harold 'Turk' Inducted 1989 ('??)(F)

Bogan, John Inducted 1988 ('?)(F)

Bogan, Mark Inducted 2002 ('90)(F)

Bosworth, Henry Inducted 1990 ('??)(S)

Brennan, Tom Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)

Buckley, Don Inducted 1991 ('??)(F)

Buckley, Lionel 'Shine' Inducted 1987 ('??)(S)

Buckley, Marjorie Inducted 1997 ('??)(S)

Burgess, Ken Inducted 1993 ('??)(F)

Burke, Sean Inducted 1999 ('??)(F)

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Call, Horace Inducted 1989 ('??)(S)

Carrera, Robin Inducted 1988 ('??)(F)

Carrera, Steve Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)

Carroll, Preston Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)

Casale, Robert Inducted 1986 ('??)(S)

Cedrone, Christine Inducted 2002 ('??)(C)

Cendal, Roselyn (Karll) Inducted 2002 ('??)(C)

Chase, Joe Inducted 1997 ('??)(F)

Chella, Peter Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)

Colclough, Jim Inducted 1984 ('??)(F)

Connors, Tom Inducted 1999 ('??)(F)

Conroy, Hank Inducted 1985 ('??)(F)

Craig, Art Inducted 1993 ('?)(F)

Craig, Steve Inducted 1993 ('??)(F)

Cullen, Joe Inducted 2001 ('??)(F)

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Derbes, Robert Inducted 1995 ('54)(F)

Diloretto, Nick Inducted 2003('58)(F)

Digravio, Vic Inducted 1985 ('??)(F)

Dibona, Delmo Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)

Dibona, Rolly Inducted 1995 ('??)(F)

DiMartinis, Louis Inducted 2001 ('??)(F)

Duggan, Francis Inducted 2002 ('80)(F)

Dunn, Bill Jr. Inducted 2003('96)(F)

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Ferris, Mike Inducted 1997 ('??)(F)

Fernald, Kenny Inducted 1996 ('72)(S)

Fleishcher, Glenn Inducted 1989 ('??)(F)

Frazier, Gerry Inducted 1991 ('??)(F)

Furtado, Charlie Inducted 1995 ('??)(F)

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Giordani, Mark 'Gio' Inducted 1989 ('78)(F)

Gillis, John Inducted 1986 ('??)(F)

Graf, Walter Inducted 1997 ('??)(S)

Gumpright, Robert Inducted 2002 ('40)(F)

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Halloran, Al Inducted 1999 ('??)(F)

Hand, Paul Inducted 1996 ('??)(F)

Hill, Dr. Lloyd Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)

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Ivil, Matt Inducted 1999 ('??)(F)

Ivil, Matt. Sr.Inducted 1995 ('??)(S)

Ivil, Ron Inducted 1995 ('54)(F)

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Jordan, Michael Inducted 1989 ('??)(F)

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Kelcourse, Larry Inducted 1991 ('??)(F)

Kilraine, Cecil Inducted 1991 ('??)(F)

Kilraine, Jack Inducted 2003 ('??)(P)

Knowles, Bill Inducted 2003('45)(F)

Kolson, Peter, Inducted 1986 ('??)(F)

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Larson, Ralph Inducted 1986 ('??)(F)

Leone, Carl Inducted 1984 ('??)(F)

Leone, Ed Inducted 1989 ('??)(F)

Lissman, Herbert 'Huck' Inducted 1986 ('??)(F)

Lombardi, Aldo Inducted 1992 ('??)(F)

Lombardi, Lannie Inducted 1988('??)(F)

Lombardi, Dick Inducted 2002 ('??)(S)

Lucier, John Inducted 1999 ('??)(F)

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Martin, Roberta (DiTullio) Inducted 2003 ('89)(C)

Macomber, Eugene Inducted 1992 ('??)(S)

Malvesti, Nick Inducted 1985 ('??) (F)

Malvesti, Tom Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)

Marini, Lou Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)

Maver, Bill Inducted 1985 ('??)(F)

Matteson, Cliff Inducted 2003('70)(F)

McGee, Carol (McGibbon) Inducted 2003 ('55)(C)

McLean, Monroe Inducted 1984 ('??)(S)

McMahone, Thomas Inducted 1988'??)(F)

Menchs, Richard Inducted 1995 ('??)(F)

Menz, John Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)

Mollica, Tony Inducted 1999 ('??)(F)

Montani, Dave Inducted 1996 ('??)(F)

Myers, Bill Inducted 1985 ('??)(S)

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Nattie, James Inducted 1992 ('?)(F)

Noble, Chris Inducted 2001 ('??)(F)

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Omar, Dave Inducted 1991 ('??)(F)

Oriola, Tony Inducted 1993 ('??)(F)

Osborne, Eleanor Inducted 1991 ('??)(S)

Osborne, Frank Inducted 1984 ('??) (S)

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Page, George Inducted 1985 ('??)(S)

Page, Jim 'Buddy' Inducted 1997 ('??)(S)

Papile, George Inducted 1999 ('??)(F)

Papile, Jim Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)

Papile, Leo Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)

Pickering, Ralph Inducted 1997 ('??)(F)

Perfeteuo, Jerry Inducted 1990 ('??)(S)

Pettinelli, Edward 'Jack' Inducted 1987('??)(S)

Pettinelli, Guido 'Budsy' Inducted 1989('??)(S)

Pettiti, Jim Inducted 1987 ('??)(F)

Picarski, John Inducted 1988 (F)('??)

Picarski, Paul Inducted 1990('70)(F)

Picarski, Steve Inducted 1997 ('??)(S)

Pilot, Len Inducted 1992 ('??)(F)

Provost, John Inducted 1984 ('??)(F)

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Quintilliani, Tony Inducted 1985 ('??) (F)

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Raymondi, Daniel Inducted 1984 ('??) (F)

Rayner, Jack Inducted 1991 ('??)(S)

Rendle, James Inducted 1992 ('??)(F)

Ricciarelli, Mick Inducted 2002 ('59)(F)

Ross,Charlie Inducted 1992 ('??)(S)

Russo, Gus Inducted 1996 ('??)(F)

Russo, Jim Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)

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Sachetti, Charlie Inducted 1987('??)(F)

Salvucci, Gayton Inducted 1984 ('??)(F)

Salvucci, Remolo Inducted 2001 ('??)(F)

Salvucci, Vincent Inducted 1995 ('??)(S)

Schaunessy, Bill Inducted 1996 ('??)(F)

Schaunessy, Mike Inducted 1997 ('??)(F)

Schofield, Paul Inducted 1987('??)(F)

Smith, Peter Inducted 1996 ('??)(F)

Sterilla, Geraldine Inducted 2001 ('??)(C)

Sullivan, Bill Inducted 1985 ('??)(F)
Player, Teacher, Coach, LEGEND

Sylva, Robert Inducted 1986 ('??)(S)

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Valente, Georgina Inducted 2001 ('??)(C)

Varasso, Mike Inducted 1993 ('??)(F)

Volpe, Lou Inducted 1992 ('??)(F)

Volpe, Tony Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)

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Walsh, John Inducted 1987('??)(F)

Westland, Ed 'Sonny' Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)

Weir, Jackie Inducted 1997 ('??)(S)

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Young, Chet Inducted 1996 ('??)(F)

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  • 1984 Gayton Salvucci, Carl Leone, Jim Colclough, Daniel Raymondi, John Provost(F)
  • (S)Frank Osborne, Monroe MacClean,
  • 1985 Bill Sullivan, Nick Malvesti, Hank Conroy, Vic DiGravio,Bill Maver, Tony Quintilliani (F)
  • (S)George Page, Bill Myers
  • 1986 Herbert 'Huck' Lissman, Ralph Larson, Peter Kolson, John Gillis(F)
  • (S)Robert Sylva, Mario Casale
  • 1987 Charlie Sachetti. Ken Balducci, John Walsh, Jim Pettiti, Paul Schofield(F)
  • (S)Lionel 'Shine' Buckley, Edward 'Jack' Pettinelli
  • 1988 Lannie Lombardi, Thomas McMahone, John Bogan, John Picarski, Robin Carrera(F)
  • 1989 Harold 'Turk' Beston, Glenn Fleishcher, Noel Balducci, Michael Jordan, Mark Giordani, Ed Leone(F)
  • (S)Horace Call, Guido 'Budsy' Pettinelli
  • 1990 John Menz, Lou Marini, Jim Russo, Paul Picarski(70), Preston Carroll(F)
  • (S)Jerry Perfeteuo, Henry Bosworth
  • 1991 Cecil Kilraine, Don Buckley, Gerry Frazier, Larry Kelcourse, Dave Omar(F)
  • (S)Jack Raymer, Eleanor Osborne
  • 1992 Lou Volpe, Aldo Lombardi, Eugene Nattie, James Rendle, Len Pilot(F)
  • (S)Eugene Macomber, Charlie Ross
  • 1993 Art Craig, Tony Oriola, Ken Burgess, Steve Craig, Mike Varasso(F)
  • 1994 Jim Papile, Ed 'Sonny' Westland, Peter Chella, Tom Malvesti, Tom Brennan(F)
  • 1995 Rolly DiBona, Charlie Furtado, Ron Ivil, Richard Menchs, David Austin, Robert Derbes(F)
  • (S)Matt Ivil Sr., Vincent Salvucci
  • 1996 Bill Shaughnessy, Paul Hand, Peter Smith, Dave Montani, Gus Russo, Chet Young(F)
  • 1997 Jim 'Buddy' Page, Joe Chase, Mike Ferris, Steve Picarski, Ralph Pickering, Mike Shaughnessy,(F)
  • (S)Jack Wier, Marjorie Buckley, Walter Graf
  • 1998 Delmo DiBona, Leo Papile, Tony Volpe, Steve Carrera, Steve Austin, Dr. Lloyd Hill(F)
  • 1999 Tony Mollica, John Lucier, George Papile, Al Halloran, Tom Connors, Matt Ivil, Sean Burke (F)
  • 2001 Remolo Salvucci, Louis DiMartinis, Joe Cullen, Chris Noble.(F)
  • (C)Georgina Valente, Geraldine Sterilla.
  • 2002 Robert Gumpright(40), Mick Ricciarelli (59), Francis Duggan (80), Marc Bogan(90)(F)
  • (S)Dick Lombardi, Ken Fernald
  • (C)Christine Cedrone, Roselyn (Karll) Cendal.