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The way the helmet bothers you the first days of practice.

The way you want to take it off during practice. That great sensation of taking it off afterwards and how good it feels with that sweaty hair that cools you off.

The itching feeling of laying or sitting in the wet, cool, early morning summer grass when stretching out.

The itching of that hot dry summer grass doing the same stretches and such in the hot afternoon sun later the same day.

The sensation of putting that boiling hot mouthpiece in your mouth and sucking all the hot water out of it to fit your mouth..

The taste of a dust filled mouthpiece after dropping it and putting it back in.

The first day of pads.

As Freshman lugging out before practice, and dragging away after practice, all the tackling dummies.

Seeing the fool who puts the thigh pads in the wrong way.

The difference between no pads and a pre-game practice, after getting used to them.

What it's like to really give or take a good hard hit.

The loud fellowship in the locker room before practice.

After all the practice and finally putting on the game uniform, that gets you pumped for a game.

The nervousness before a game and taking the field to warm up.

Sitting in a mud filled bus after a game on a muddy field. Windows all steamed up. The sound of the cleats as players get on the bus and walk down the aisle single file. The many pieces of mud imprinted with cleat marks all over the bus floor.

The special feeling and comraderie of being part of a team.

Making friendships that will last a LIFETIME!

These are some of things that ONLY a player knows.....

New rules for the schools By Chelsea Conaboy Globe Staff / August 1, 2011
Students gearing up for fall tryouts will have to add a new piece to their preseason routines this year: concussion training. The Legislature last year passed a law aimed at preventing the progression of concussions in student-athletes, and the Department of Public Health in June issued guidelines that people involved in school sports at public middle schools and high schools must follow to comply. Here are a few highlights of what is required:
  • Parents, players, coaches, school nurses, volunteers, and others involved with team sports must participate in a state-approved training program each year aimed at teaching people to recognize the symptoms of concussions and understand the risks of playing without proper rest and recuperation. One way schools can cover this requirement is by including these training materials in parent meetings.
  • Before every season, student-athletes must file a history of head injuries to be reviewed by the school nursing staff.
  • Students who suffer a head injury or suspected concussion during practice or competition must sit out the rest of the day and be cleared by a doctor before returning to play. The goal, said Dr. Lauren Smith, the public health departmentís medical director, is to avoid attempts at sideline diagnosis.
  • If students suffer a head injury during the season but not during team activities, their parents must report the incident to the coach or another specified school official.
  • Students who are diagnosed with a concussion must have a plan, developed in conjunction with their teachers, parents, coaching staff, and diagnosing physician, for gradually resuming athletic and academic activities.
  • Schools must report annual concussion statistics to the state.

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