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Quincy HS Football
Rules and Regulations

  • Unexcused absences (Practice or Game) - 1 Game Suspension.
  • Getting caught out of bounds during school day. - 1 Game Suspension.
  • Hazing of Teammates- 1 Game Suspension.
  • Alcohol or Drug related incidents See MIAA Rule 71.1
  • Disrespect to Coaches, Teachers, Game Officials- Indefinate Suspension
    From 1 game to Dismissal from Team
  • Walking Off or Leaving during a Game - Dismissal From Team.
  • Stealing (from a fellow team mates or opponents) Dismissal From Team.
  • If you are an injured player and cannot particpate
    in practices or games.
  • You will attend practice for one hour and
  • you will travel with the team to the games on the team bus.
  • You will wear your game shirt and support your teammates.
  • The Trainer's Room is NOT a social center.
  • Get IN and Get OUT!!!
  • Be Physically AND Mentally ready to play the games.
  • Be supportive of fellow Team mates and the Coaches.
    This Seasons Goals.
  • Win Both of our Non-League Games.
  • Have a Winning record second half of the year.
    Four out of Six games are on the road.
  • Score 200 Points or More(20 Points per Game)
  • Have 100% Eligiblity for Thanksgiving Day Game.
  • Win our Seventh Straight Thanksgiving day Game.
  • Win League Title.
  • Qualify for Post-Season Play.
  • Win ALL our Home Games.
  • Thank you. Coach Noble and Staff.